Incorporation, Investment & Administration of your Company Venture or Service
Automate  the Creation and Filing of Company Articles, Adoption of Rules, Election & Approval of Directors and
Election and Purchase of Ownership in a unified company builder system - (far more robust company generation that simple document systems)
articles creation
& filing
1st company
Adopt Bylaws
& Company
Generate &
Approve Issuance
Generate Purchase
of shares
Automated Company
Step by Step guide to efficiently create & file articles including payment processing and tracking status of filing Elect managers, authorize checking account, register ein, & establish procedural rules of the company Agree online to bylaws including mechanisms to change rules according to bylaws integrated issuance builder including establish & approve number and price purchase shares inline of workflows and print certificated and affix secure signature Automatically records owners and insert rights to access system and manipulate rules based on % of ownership
Generate, Approve Company Actions and Transactions per Company Rules
The only online system that combines the generation, approval and administration of
Documents, Actions, Transactions & Reporting of corporate and investment processes
Company Elections & Actions
Request and elect Company Actions per company rules. Elect Managers, Approve & Manage Lines of Business, Confirm business is occurring in time agreed to by owners and or directors.
Establish / Qualify Participation
Generate & Address Questions, File Requests & Forms to establish & approve participation in ownership and transaction processes.
Integrated Document Creation & Agreement
Generate company documentation from the information gathered in the Action System & triggered by the logical system to perform all needed filings & documentations.
Profit Distribution
Create distributions according to company rules. Use Action system to generate splits, dividends Assign agreed to overrides from Loans, Profit sharing & capital contributions
Convertible Note & Options Toolset
Propose & Approve loans to investment processes - apply options schedule from participation in labor & performance events.
Merger System
Automated Process for Statutory and Non Statutory mergers including appropriate filings, notices and automated billing for transfer of ownership and proportional cash payments.
Transact Expenses & Sales
Includes workflows to record or transaction company sales and expenses.
Buy Out & Sell Off
Ownership rules includes means to sale company or its assets. Apply Valuation Reports to sell off price. Negotiate terms inline of workflow or perform agreement in Document System.
Financial, Revenue & Capital Reporting
Revenue, Financial & Activity Reporting w/ real time Accounting & Measure Alerts. Capital Account mgt & reporting.
--- Key System Features ---
Document Builder & Agreement System, Filing System, Mail System, Calendaring System, Approval Engine
& Record Management means more effective administration of corporate activities
Integrated Filing System to deliver &
track application of company documents to
3rd party licenses, requirements & permits,
API services can be applied to automate filing
with administrative services (where available).
KEY - Send documents & invoices
generated in the system via integrated
mail service -  including register mail
and tracking notifications via the
filling system.
  Integrated, secure check print
system - to generate payments for
profit distributions and expenses
KEY - integrated with mailing system.
All Actions, Documents, Filings & Transactions are
recorded in the enterprise calendar, incl. time
each party interacts with the item; so all
company interactions are tracked appropriately.
KEY - Approval Engine - appropriate parties
approve & complete company actions;
saving tremendous time & improved
corporate administration.
Enterprise Record Mgt tracks contact
contact info, details, Actions of Clients,
Staff, Assets, Materials & Equipment of
the company.
Deliver Own Hosted Investment Services
The only online system that enables firms to delivery their own investment services. Including submission & evaluation processes,
approval of generation of the investment process and corporate and investment systems as a managed service for your firm
Provide multimedia public
websites to guide & engage
parties in investment offerings.
Apply Own URL for
effective branding of
your services
Integrated service request that
automatically sets up  for workflows
for client requests.
Evaluate Application
& Grant Access
o participants
Approve online or sign
agreements related to
participation in venture
Complete Actions
of company and
venture creation
 Process payments
for Transactions
& Revenue
 Generate Profit
Distributions or
Call for capital

& Reports 
Full System Delivery & Support
A fully hosted and administered service with full integration and development services to cost effectively adapt to your firm's needs
Bound to
Access &
Brand UI
to own
Event Log
all Actions