Loan & Financing System
- Facilitate Property, Asset, Material, Equipment procurement by payments over time and adding interest
- Extend financing to clients for services rendered or sale of real property and assets
- Automated repayment scheduling & invoicing
- Fees for early and late payment, as well as collection resolution
- Dynamically Generate Loan agreement via Document System
- Maintain associated documentation via file management system
- Maintain tasks about the loan actions and agreements terms via the Action System inline of the loan workflow

- Qualification & Decision System for processing applications for a loan; determining if an applicant will qualify for a workflow and services & resources are delivered at what fees and price, establishing the activities that parties assigned will complete, and what additional files and agreements are needed to substantiate the workflow delivery.
- Enable Client and Manager to agree to information & documents provided in the Qualification logic defined
- apply various fees based on data provided and approved
- integrate credit data in qualification process
- New features added
Apply Income & Value Based Comparisons to Assets that are seeking financing, Including Cap Rate, NOI, IRR and many other analyses.
Receive loans from investors in Ownership System
- Remunerate 3rd parties insurers, funders and other parties related to the services provided
- Include 'Draw down' processing of loan funds to parties completing services in the assets attached to the loan, such as construction & and refurbishment services

Automation of past due asset & property disposition