Reporting & Accounting System
Generate & maintain a wide range of Financial, Transactions, Resources, Return, Activity and Operations reports including:

Transaction / Revenue Reports - account for totals of proposed, agreed to, paid for and unpaid amounts to any transaction or by types of transactions and by custom time periods.
Financial Reports including Financial Statement, Balance Sheet and Income Reports. Include documentation, required descriptions to meet rigorous compliance to financial reporting of your firms transactional activities.
Income Reports provide Operating & Potential Income reports.
Yield Reports - measure amounts of revenue from Equipment, Labor, Materials, Assets & Property with operational costs of a given item sold or utilized to report on rates of return as well as IRR reports
Tax Reports - measure total amounts of tax calculated for specific workflows and types of workflows in a definable time period.
Usage Reports - measure activity and inactivity of a given resource by counts, amounts proposed and amounts paid.
Value Reports - present value, depreciations.
Activity Log - record of all party actions in Case, Billings, Document, Actions and Workflow Interactions.
Budget Alerts - set targets on income, expenses, financials, transactions and usage of resources. Send messages to assigned parties when measures occur.
Payment Account Reporting- reporting on Payment account payments including amounts by check, point of sale, cash and credit payments.  
  Export reports to Excel.   
New features added  Logic Tools - create triggers based on alerts of the report.
  Measure System Report - coming soon - accumulate scores from form based Action items to report on totals of scores and assign logic based triggers based on the totals of the approved Question and Request based Task Items.
The Report is a Workflow - assign managers, reviewers, approvers and other key parties to tasks actions, documents and other features to truly manager and deliver reporting to the firm.
Your Projects Pro is a full development  company that can provide reports specific to the needs of our customers.