Unified Record & Resource Administration
Importance feature to the productivity of the system A full record management suite that includes tracking data about all records types and their interactions with the system including workflows, contracts, billings, files, fees and communications that have occurred in the system.
Importance feature to the productivity of the system Data upload and en masse edit systems make quick work of assembling client, staff and asset records in the system to apply to workflows and activity systems.
Customer Records - track contact info, addresses, transactions, contracts, files and key data points in a robust customer relationship system.
Personnel - track contact info, documentation, education, training, time utilized in workflow activities, set fee schedules for work performed, engage labor agreements, as well as integrate with payroll process & approve & redeem work related expenses.
Contractors  - join sub contractors to work in the same system; track, approve, and log contractor work, billings, and resource utilization in system workflow features.
Materials - record & manage materials used in project activities, track units used, pricing and costs. Create & Track agreements with suppliers, and many more tools to manage supplies in business processes.
Equipment track utilization, pricing, scheduled maintenance, assignment of equipment as assets to company entities for valuation purposes, execute bill of sales, leasing of equipment t, track documentation and expenses.
Real Asset - facilitate data management of real assets, intellectual property or other special assets sold, acquired or developed in the transactional systems.
Property manage real property including its development activities in project actions, rents via leasing system, sales events, revenue valuation, ownership, and maintenance activities. Integrated billing system, contract tools and task management provide the tools needed to own and operate property seamlessly as a web and mobile based solution.
Business Entity Records - create & manage Business Entities as record types. Ownership units can be purchased via investment builder system. Manage business entity legal operations including corporate documents, ownership meetings, billings, and assign to system workflows for seamless tracking & review of all company interactions in business workflows.
Service Entity Records - for assigning costs of expenses to service entities as part of a case or workflow.
Record Typing Tools define types & categories for resource & record types to arrange client, asset, material & equipment property, contractor and owner types to suite your organization's needs.
screen shots of record and resource management

asset record management

property record user interface

record upload system