Billing & Invoice System
100% online building, presentation, payment and resolution of client charges and firm expenses. Facilitate service charges, retainers, contingency fees, expenses & transactions in a single service.
All workflows charges are automatically tied to the billing system this means faster recording of charges to invoices. 
The Approval Engine means complete review and approval of charges to invoices for accurate billings.
Retainer / Deposit Billing Conveniently charge & manage client Retainers. Apply funds from Retainers to client billings and request additional payments to maintain prescribed amounts per service agreement / payment terms.
IOLTA Trust Accounting maintain and track IOLTA trust accounting and generate payments to trust accounts
Contingency Billing Conveniently set up agreement with clients and process payments to the firm as a portion of the amounts collected from judgments, settlements or other contingency based billings.
Insurance Litigation Billing robust solution that addresses many complex insurance billing scenarios including Construction Defect Cases. Generate bills according to LEDES code guidelines.   
Insurance Billing - integration of invoicen submissions with Insurance Firm billing systems. 
Expense Billing / Accounts Payable Billing System enter, track, and process costs of firm expenses including printing, postage, communications, travel, filings, rents, and many other charges.
Paypal Integration - simple facilitation of online payments for any transaction type in the system including credit card and check payments.
 Check Generation System create printed check with proper firm authority inline of the billing system - details.
Connect to Batchex for mail based delivery of firm checks directly.
Filing Fees quickly record filing fees to billing process from Document System work.
Facsimile Generation of invoices faxes generated from the system or received can be tracked and charged.
Mail Generation of invoices mail generated invoices from the system .
Labor Billing   collect time spent via time sheet entry or workflow activities and generate payment invoices for contract labor. Designate and approve labor rates to both contracted and salaried labor.
Distributions & Dispositions robust payment processing to parties for their portion of awards from legal processes, including reporting of expense and contingency fees deducted from the payments.
Referral & Finder Fees provides means to split revenues garnered from billings amongst multiple parties including gross and net calculations of revenues and fees. Can be customized to meet specialty firm processes for revenue sharing amongst partners and associates.
Accounting Integration billing, invoicing and transactional data can be conveniently downloaded, or exported to 3rd party systems.
The Invoice system provides requests for change inline of the billing process, for faster resolution to payment issues than mail or e-mail based invoice processing - saving your firm time and money.

Screen shot of invoice builder
Screen shot of invoice WITH PAYMENT OPTIONS:
online payment via credit card: