Integrated Document & Contract Builder System
Build documents and assign as agreements to workflows and related documentation with a full suite of enterprise class document features
Document Builder - build & manage content as 'sections' to a document. Sections are 'reusable' - to apply t other document building. For example, an attorney may have a number of lease provisions relating to the same topic, such as common area maintenance costs.  Using this system, all variations on the same paragraph could be saved and inserted according to the need for that lease.  
New features added Signature Feature - apply signatures directly to contracts via tablets, mobile phone and other html5 compliant browsers.
Document Sections Include:
Preformatted Contract Sections: Workflow Sections: Create Own Custom Sections:
A suite of premade sections that party info can be displayed in including:
- Introduction
- Communication Rights
- Signature Block
- Witness / Notary
- Payment Terms
- Party Rights
- Document List Section
- Media Display Section
File Display & Reference Section - display over 200 file formats as viewable sections.
Form Section -  build data collection events right on the face of the document to populate template sections with data from the form.
Citation Summary Section

& many more
Transaction content & Payment terms as document sections: 
- Case Terms
- Bill of Sale
- Lease Terms
- Loan Terms
- Profit Distribution
- Investment Terms
- Scope of Work
- Labor Payment Terms
- Ownership Unit Creation
- Company Roles
Created content more conveniently than any word processing systems including:
- Counter Parties
- Force Majeure
- Non Disclosure
- Actions
- Assurance
- Service Levels
- Indemnity
- Remedy
- Waivers
- Notices
 Suggest Change Feature - apply changes in line with client & party needs. No more sending documents to disparate document apps and tracking confusing comments.
Perform Agreement to the Document online or Print documents and upload signed copies for repository purposes. Reach agreeable documents efficiently .
 Inline Addendum & Amendment System Dynamically perform Amendments and Addendums to Agreements online - build additions to contracts and gain party review and approval more efficiently and securely.
Content Intra-linking - apply links between sections for better navigation through the document. Linking can be added for referring to other documents built in the system. Call Out feature - add dynamic content events for easier explanation of content.
 Citation System  add & track references inline of document building. Save & reuse references in other Documents conveniently.
Content Import - quickly add content from word documents or other files to document building system.
 Mail Generation send document as US Postal pieces with a few button clicks.
Fax System -  send documents as faxes via integrated service. Receive copies of documents and assign back to the document as a managed file.
Email Documents -  send copies of documents as pdf attachments with a few button clicks.
Mail Generation -  send copies of documents as postal pieces including first class, overnight and registered mailings.
Versioning Control - track all revisions automatically - recall versions of sections far more conveniently than any other document system.
Document Search - search through document content. Coming soon - search across documents by content.
Document Log - tracks all creation, review and agreement activities performed by parties assigned to the document.
Due Date System -  assign date driven actions within the document and view on integrated calendar.
Fee Entry System -  assign charges to document work and is assigned to the Case Billings automatically.
Filing System -  file documents with automated filing system or track offline filings inline of document management
citation management system:
formatted signature section: