Integrated Form System - 
for building forms to display and apply data in Task Action, Documents, Presentations and integrate into Logic System for generating additional Actions, Documetns, Fees and Workflow events.

- Form fields can be assigned to Tasks System - including due dates, feedback events prior to submitting task for approval and more.
- Form fields can be assigned as Document Sections for feeding data fields into Document System from clients, staff, and other assigned parties to a document.
Upload PDF files that the system that locates data fields, then assigns form fields to enter system data into the PDF file. Assign PDF Files to Filing System for delivery of 3rd party require PDF forms far more efficiently. No other system provides this level of 100% online fulfillment of 3rd party PDF forms.
- Assign Form data to logic system to trigger additional action items
Assign scores to form fields to calculate a resulting score that can affect the logic events definitions
- Coming Soon - Assign Form results to Report system for measuring results of form data -  this mean testing scores for data collected in the task action system.
- customizable feature In house services available to complete form creation for our clients at very modest prices.
Save considerable time in the creation, agreement and filing of:
    - Regulatory Filings such as agency required documents or agreements for some given workflow
    - Bonding or Insurance forms to a given workflow.
    - Financial Applications that require use of their company styled forms
    - Union forms needed for usage of facilities, services or other workflows
    - Judicial Filings
    - Specified report documents

screen shots of pdf form builder process