Information & File Collaboration System
Create messages, appointments, data collection, file reviews with approvals and due dates to facilitate Cases, Billings and Documents online and securely.
Due Dates - set times that meetings, file requests, confirmations, questions and related items need to occur with email reminders and confirmation of events occurring communicated to assigned parties.
File Requests - collect files from assigned parties and review directly in the Workflow, Document, Calendar and Billing Systems. Far more effective gathering of files for case review than any other system available.
Question system pose questions and forms to parties to collect information. Enable clients to ask questions to satisfy their needs. Directly cite case law in communications increasing efficiency at addressing legal needs.
Custom Forms - Assign form fields to info gathering with due dates and reminders;
Messages & Announcements - send info to assigned parties for updates or other needed announcements.
Confirmations - set up approvals amongst parties to gather agreement to actions taken. 
File Review - dynamic view of files directly in the information system.

View over 200 File Types in line of Information & Action items including:

Other file types can be maintained & reviewed in the system.

Real time notifications when responses by assigned Parties are due, late and completed.
All actions are recorded to the System Log.
Files and Data collected can be added as Content in the Document Builder.
Key feature to the system Template system enables reuse of questions, forms, confirmations & messages.
Key feature to the system Assign due dates to remind parties to respond t& view collaboration events in a rich interface calendar.
screen shots of question for information gathering


screen shots of file review and comment