Issuance Builder
A full suite of Workflow Builders that can be adapted to many different scenarios for the creation, management, document generation and payment for the Ownership of a Company, Asset or Property.

- Generate initial Issuances according to guidelines of company agreement. to establish initial owners
- Set and agree to number of issuance and prices
- Generate Purchase of Ownership as real invoices with payment processes inline of ownership guidelines
- Assign investment terms to purchase process.
- Immediate assign to ownership ledger and notify existing owners
- Define selling rights and enable purchase of said ownership per rules of the company
- Assign Options Process
- Assign Convertible Note Process
- Define approval to company Procedures & Workflows based on percentages of ownership.

customizable feature Your Projects Pro Development Staff can adapt the Workflow Systems to a wide range of scenarios - providing far more advance service management than any other online or offline system to met your business needs.