Dynamic Transaction Workflow System
A full suite of Workflow Builders that can be adapted to many different scenarios for the creation, management, document generation and bill for the the Workflow 100% online.
Bills of Sale System - track deliverables, conditions, expectations, and many other facets dynamically - so all parties understand everything that needs to be done to successfully fulfill complex and simple sales processes
Leasing system - track rents, conditions, terms, renewals, attached services and many other events in the leasing of property and assets
Loan System - track a wide range of events including paperwork needed, details about loan processes, so forth. Your Projects Pro can enhance the loan system with many features for a wide range of loan scenarios including deposits, credit checks, collections and much more.
Expense Processing - enter, approve, report and pay for firm expenses with a wide range of features to address a wide range of operational costs.
Policy Management - Your Projects Contract System can be applied for drafting ordinances, legislation and other legal guidelines for any legal or regulatory need and gain staff or member agreement dynamically.
Escrow Functions - Create Agreements to a wide range of assets and follow legal procedure to request assets based on agreement rules.
Mediation Processes - full toolset for the development, negotiation and oversight of the  outcomes of the mediation agreement.
Trademark & Copyright - Build Templates for fast generation of copyrights and trademark filings. Make forms available to clients for fast entry of key data points.
Patent Work - Easily Build Templates for generation of patent filing. Use Information gathering system for secure, effective collaboration in development of patent materials and strategies.

Your Projects Pro Development Staff can adapt Workflow Systems to a wide range of scenarios - providing far more advance service management than any other online or offline system.