Request & Registration System  
Display requests for any type of system workflow on own website, integrate with Presentation system or other sites with one line of code.

When requests are accepted, the Record data and Workflow data is automatically created; saving significant time in workflow set up & processing
Apply service requests & event registrations to Presentation and on own public site with no coding.
- Generate User Registration and Workflow Registration processes - to then participate in workflow actions upon Approval by Assigned Parties or by automated definitions. Send system messages granting access to requesting parties.
- Template System provides means to auto assign and generate any feature of a workflow, including
    - generate access to workflow
- generate fees and invoices to be paid
    - generate content, files, tasks and information to be completed
    - generate
documents to be agreed to
    - assign logic events for parties to interact to
    - system messages, help and event log support usages

- Assign as link to own website, banner adds or other outside content to drive customers to services conveniently.
- customizable feature Assign many additional features including Shopping Cart selections, payment process and other automated processes to the Service Request feature set

screen shot of service request