General Start Up & Company Creation
Establish, construct and execute company entities including corporations, limited liability formations, partnerships, & contracted partnerships; including company documents, automated guidance to duties, actions, financial processes, and reporting requirements.
  Incubator & Accelerator Programs
Enjoin partnering Agents to develop (Incubate) company infrastructure or enhancing business development (Accelerate) by establishing relationships via proposal & contract systems, generate compensation workflows for assigning ownership and / or revenue based on goals met or time spent in developing the business via Action System. Generate compensation via invoice & billing system.
Create Provide dynamic due diligence processes to arrive at agreed to value to establish prices to purchase or acquire participation.
Build subsequent value events and ownership triggers based on agreed to values.
  Angel Investment &  Venture Capital Firms
Inject requirements and guidelines into funding processes. Establish trigger points based on agreed to conditions being met. the only system that can automate changes in status of agreements based on time and / or agreement, and generate transactions to apply fees or payments based on said changes.
Assembly Boards of Directors or other governance into the decision processes dynamically. Generate approvals to changes of parties participating in governance. Use Logic system to trigger said roles based on events in transactions, reported values, workflow goals (time or amount of items completed).
Whether developing an Asset, Service or Company the system can address the need agreement and organization to effectively communicate due diligence, development, creation and ongoing operations of many venture types or scenarios.
  Private Placement 
  Enhance firm with new vestment and lending services to improve profile with customers or reduce operational costs. Establish financial based goals that trigger profit taking, sell off or ownership participation. 
  Private Financial Services
Facilitate lending of funds for a wide range of Commercial & Development needs.
Apply funds directly from Multiple Sources or Create Managed Funds for Investors to apply to financing.
Leverage in line application process for assigning assets to the funds provided. Credit Check processes can be applied
Included accounting and reporting to parties and compliance (rough)
  Economic Development Organizations & Public / Private Partnerships 
  Leverage a robust frame work developing impact driven investments in a wide variety of development efforts.
Generate and manage proposal driven investment process - whether as a competitor or as an administrator, utilize a sophisticated item & data driven action workflow to evaluate, propose and deliver projects that includes terms, scope, supporting documentation and costs to fulfill the given projects (rough).
Just like any capital project, use the same system to maintain contracted deliverables including gateway and completion events to all parties involved in development effort.
Maintain performance agreements for tax deferment purposes. Both time and goal based process are supported. Included billing system to derive fees if incurred in non performance events (rough).
Utilize Loan and 'Grant' workflows to administer special assessments & incentives.
Leverage integrated reporting inline of transactions to meet guidelines or compliance requirements.
  Property & Land Development
Manage investments into a wide variety of property ownership scenarios. Apply lease and rent systems directly to profit builder systems.
KEY - Can also provide REIT Rural land mgt & Reclamation Services.
Social & Non Profit Ventures
Enjoin parties in administration and operational execution of social and non profit initiatives.
Develop funding models with donors that includes true outcome & impact reporting for better execution & oversight of projects.
Leverage media, contest, and voting systems to engage supporters in a wide range of initiatives
Can provide tailored ESG & SRI Reporting to meet benefits obligations

Benefits & Corporation
Effectively manage the complexities of mixed revenue operations with real time budgeting and accounting of fund purposes in company transactions.
Apply status driven reporting workflows to provide compliant information to regulators. No other online system has this party driven reporting feature set to truly reflect that the data for reporting is prepared, reviewed and approved to compliance requirements.