Company Action & Information Systems
use tasks, questions, file requests, form data, approvals & announcements to generate and maintain ongoing company actions including:

- assign & approve parties to perform actions on behalf of the company's business
- automatically generate related workflows for company transactions & expenses
- automatically assign &schedule ongoing Company meetings, office elections, procedural actions for ownership including profit generations, dividend generation, sell offs, ownership splits based on rules established in the company actions.

The Action system provides highly sophisticated data processing features including:
- Question & Approval system Assign requests for information and approve by assigned parties, including due dates and intermediate communications to decide approvals.
- Custom Form Field System -  create custom form fields per record type and pass into workflows and contract processes; all under the workflow status engine. This makes the system a truly enterprise class record management system.
- File Request & Approval - upload, display, review & approve many files types inline of Actions, Contracts, and Billings.
- Announcements - send formal messages to related parties to workflows for general updates or other needed announcements.
- Schedule conflict check - for what activities are happening at the time of the event, and if parties are available at the time of the event to perform the Action.
- Assign & Visualize Actions by location on a map - see location of the Action.
- Information from the Action System is directly tied to the Document Builder, Invoice System, and Report  System - for more precise communication and completion of these features and generating information to these features.
- Automated Template Logic & Guidance System create predefined lists of Action items that assigns parties, approvals, forms, document generations and billings based on a wide variety of logic definitions - this is the key feature to generating automated guidance in ownership actions.