Key Features deliver value throughout the company process management
Unify Front Office Delivery with Back Office Operations
The only online business process management system that connects clients, staff, associates & resources dynamically in investment, ownership, transactions and expense actions, agreements & payments. No accounting system can provide this level of connection and collaboration through out the workflows.
Integrated Help System guides users thru complex features conveniently. Action System automates workflow steps and tracks status of everyone's actions throughout the workflow.
Integrated Data Import Tools, Template System, Access Mgt, En Masse Editors & Type Mgt makes quick work of system set up and assembly.
Advanced Usability Improves Productivity & User Experience
Advanced javascript interface with advanced event models & logic system provides more robust means to complete steps
Revenue, Financial, Accounting & Activity Reporting are integrated with Logic system - to trigger actions based on when thresholds in company transactions are met
Reduce operational time to complete multi faceted workload -
Improve Service Delivery & customer satisfaction with truly multi user based system
Software that is a Service
Current Web Services are too simple or too generalized to address all the functionality truly needed to improve productivity.
Experienced development team that knows how to break through the disconnect of business requirements and poor solution design. We provide an adaptable enterprise service that delivers effective solutions in time frames & costs our customers can afford.
Custom Development means many unknowns; are cost really understood? Have the experience to design effective solutions?